Premiere: Seafloor – “It Continues” (+ ‘Drift’ EP Previews)


With two EPs already in the bag this year, Brooklyn-resident Seafloor is gearing up for his most high profile release yet, the year closing Drift EP on Montreal-based imprint Infinite Machine. Utilizing skills as a producer, vocalist and drummer, Seafloor has crafted a group of jungle-inflected 160 tunes that bounce and swim through a haze of recognizable samples, and sawtooth synth riffs. And like some of the best jungle/footwork crossover material, Drift maintains a certain elegance, balancing the extremist sentiments of the junglists and the jello aesthetic of footwork with aplomb. While certain tracks reach a level of linearity where they would not be out of place on a festival stage, Seafloor’s sonic approach doesn’t allow the EP to fall into a monochromatic trap. Drift is set for a December 1 release, but for now you can stream snippets from the effort below and download “It Continues”, an EP outtake that has been gifted to us by the good folks at Infinite Machine.

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