Premiere: Lowhitey – “Studnia (Chants Remix)”

lowhitey-chants-remixEver-prolific Seattle imprint Hush Hush Records has built quite a stable of Pacific Northwest artists, ranging from the moody garage-inspired work of label star Kid Smpl to the cold brewed theatrics of Cock & Swan and its lead singer Ola. Hanssen, Slow Year, Korma and DJAO, who have all released on Hush Hush in some form, are also Seattle residents, feeding their respective takes on beat music, grime and Houston screw tunes with mixed results and affects. Outside of the friendly confines of the Northwest though, the Hush Hush family has expanded, from Wisconsite Chants (whose tune on our very own Heterotopia compilation will be revealed soon) to the imprint’s latest and most far flung signee, Polish producer Lowhitey.

It’s clear that Hush Hush has touched on a particular moment and sentiment in Seattle, building a brigade of deft producers to carry out a sound that both mirrors the drudge of the city and a greater human affliction. Now it’s time to see if the label can mirror and expand upon that sense of hopeful paranoia, warmth and desire in its future ventures, starting with Lowhitey’s stunning Alone With My Thoughts EP. The EP will be released this upcoming Monday (November 17), but the good folk at Hush Hush have gifted us a premiere of the aforementioned Chants remix contribution to the tape. Taking on the brilliant slow burn of “Studnia”, Chants flips the swishing water field recording into a foundation block for cracking boom bap percussion and unguarded meat grinder synth work. Chants’ take will also appear alongside remixes from VVV and The Phantom. Pre-order Alone With My Thoughts here and stream Chants’ rendition below.

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