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An adaptable character to say the least, Polish producer The Phantom has donned a number of hats over the past several years, traversing widescreen disco as Ptaki, fairly straightforward, but deeply affecting throwback house on LP1 (out now on Silverback Recordings) and, most recently, a predilection for grime and new age. LP2, out Monday on Silverback, couldn’t be different from his first Phantom album, both in terms genre of choice and general mood. LP2 is dense and searing beautiful, the sort of tempo-shifting tape that has really only come into existence in the past year or so and can only sort of be considered grime (or whatever). “Earth Beat” is the most outward-thinking track on the effort, a wobbling burner that periodically explodes with energy. Considered “proto-grime” by the producer himself, LP2 represents an exciting turn for a chameleonic producer and we can only hope he decides to stay in this lane.

milktrayWhile DJ Milktray‘s recent All Because The Lady Loves EP (out now on Astral Black) can safely be considered a form of R&G, specifically in the Blackjack vein, the rest of his work has skirted a number of genres and intentions and his latest rework, of Imami’s “Iridescent” is a thrilling leap into skipping garage and kitchen sink half-step grime. The edit will be released as a part of Imami’Contrapposto EP, a thrilling set of bizarre club manipulations set to be released on Tessier Ashpool Recordings, Infinite Machine‘s sister operation, on February 26. Contrapposto is a maximalist effort at heart, full of water drops, metallic sounds and scattered percussion, a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hudson Mohawke set circa 2008. Milktray’s edit does little to quell the madness, instead accentuating the strongest points of “Iridescent”. A queazy rubber, almost voice-like noise that fills the interstices between percussion is especially tantalizing, giving the track an elasticity only the best club music offers. Be sure to grab Imami’s Contrapposto on February 26 and always be on the lookout for new Milktray.



Looking back on the Silverback Recordings catalogue, it’s hard not to see the Belgian imprint as something of a scene-defining force, releasing debut and breakout EPs from the likes of Nguznguzu, Jean Nipon, Grown Folk, Jack Dixon and more as far back as 2010. The fact that the label has been around for over four years makes it a veteran in the club music scene and its piety, as far as release schedule goes, and foresight, the roll call of artists above is as impressive as they come, has allowed the label to skate relatively below the hype circus that has touched many of its contemporaries. The latest Silverback release comes from Chicago-based producer Taskforce (see: Zebra Katz, Le1f), a fitting four track excursion into Kowton-esque analogue techno augmented by remixes from Nguzu and Renaissance Man. Firmly in the tradition of Steve Poindexter and in a similar vein as the Gang Fatale folk across the ocean, Taskforce has turned out an eminently danceable EP in Return Notice and while it might not reinvent the wheel like some past Silverback releases, its function will surely be served. Stream an EP preview below, hit the jump for the Nguzu remix and “CDJ2000”, and buy your own copy of Return Notice here.

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