Premiere: Imami – “Iridescent (DJ Milktray Edit)”

milktrayWhile DJ Milktray‘s recent All Because The Lady Loves EP (out now on Astral Black) can safely be considered a form of R&G, specifically in the Blackjack vein, the rest of his work has skirted a number of genres and intentions and his latest rework, of Imami’s “Iridescent” is a thrilling leap into skipping garage and kitchen sink half-step grime. The edit will be released as a part of Imami’Contrapposto EP, a thrilling set of bizarre club manipulations set to be released on Tessier Ashpool Recordings, Infinite Machine‘s sister operation, on February 26. Contrapposto is a maximalist effort at heart, full of water drops, metallic sounds and scattered percussion, a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hudson Mohawke set circa 2008. Milktray’s edit does little to quell the madness, instead accentuating the strongest points of “Iridescent”. A queazy rubber, almost voice-like noise that fills the interstices between percussion is especially tantalizing, giving the track an elasticity only the best club music offers. Be sure to grab Imami’s Contrapposto on February 26 and always be on the lookout for new Milktray.


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