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Having performed on the Overdrive Infinity platform and contributed a track to SND.PE VOL.05, Loom’s alliance with the Sound Pellegrino family feels about as natural as an artist-label relationship can and on June 3 he’ll be releasing the Burnt Glass EP through the Parisian outpost. Comprised of three stunning originals and remixes from Le Dom, Lloyd SB and DolineBurnt Glass is another huge notch in the Suffolk producer’s belt, continuing to blur the lines between experimental weightless forms and breakout club material, all with sonic palette that is quickly becoming his own. Burnt Glass is at times delicate and at times full throttle aggressive, subverting listeners’ expectations with rapid switch-ups and a sort of manic sound design that sounds as fresh as ever.

As far as out and out dancefloor efficacy goes, “Hardest In The Year” might reign supreme and Parisian producer Le Dom has offered up an expertly crafted flip of the track, reinforcing the original’s metallic framework without succumbing to industrial austerity. Having previously released on Liar’s club tool-focused Tessier-Ashpool label, as well as placing “Bayern” on SND.PE VOL.05, Le Dom is perfectly primed to take on the peak time energy of “Hardest In The Year” and by stripping back some of its more consuming elements the sharp edged percussion and bleeping melodies are allowed some refreshing space. Burnt Glass is out June 3 and can be pre-ordered here.


Over the past decade-plus, Teki Latex has consistently done more than almost anyone else, building a venerable solo career, seemingly expanding into new formats, platforms and arenas on a near-weekly basis, and imprinting his uniquely open curatorial lens on a huge assortment of projects. Nowadays, you’ll find Teki, born Julien Pradeyrol, at the helm of the insistently current Sound Pellegrino label (run in tandem with longtime creative partners Orgasmic and Emile Shahidi), hosting and curating the “2-hour long weekly DJ television program” Overdrive Infinity, and touring the globe, playing everything from A Club Called Rhonda here in Los Angeles to FWD in London and Cakeshop in Seoul. Inspired by contemporary ballroom legends like MikeQ and Vjuan Allue, Teki is also a member of Paris’ House of Ninja and has become active in the city’s ballroom culture, playing regularly at and supporting balls across the city and even putting on a vogue-focused Boiler Room earlier this year. In short, if you haven’t caught at least a few of Teki’s movements over the past few years you’re not looking in the right places and are almost certainly missing out. After all, the borders between Teki’s many projects are flimsy at best it’s no surprise when an artist contributes a song to a SND.PE compilation, appears on Overdrive Infinity and plays b2b with Teki himself at a world famous London club as Loom has done over the past few months.

For our 100th Astral Plane mix, we wanted to bring in an artist with longevity, sprawling creativity and an unabashed community spirit and I think we’d be hard pressed to find anyone better for that roll than Teki Latex. We spoke with Pradeyrol about his roll as a polyglot and how that effects his bookings and professional perception, his roll with TTC and Eurocrunk’s continuous influence on contemporary crossover forms, and the next wave of French artists and parties he’s in constant dialogue with. His mix is a rambling three deck affair that runs through eras and genres with a reckless flair that only a DJ as skilled as Teki can maintain. 2014’s Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed mix is still one of our favorite mixes of all time and Teki’s work on Astral Plane Mix 100 only expands that affection we feel for the Parisian legend, effortlessly walking the line between the most affective, self-serious modes of club music and its most gregarious, silly fringe. Few artists work as hard as Pradeyrol and even fewer seem to have anywhere near as much fun as he does while doing it. Hit the jump below for our extensive (and wonderful) talk with Teki and a track list (you’ll need it) and the bottom of the article. Enjoy.

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Continuing their run of wildly successful, sonically-themed compilations, Paris-based imprint Sound Pellegrino has released SND.PE VOL.04: Melodic Mechanisms, a tape featuring Moleskin, Sudanim and CYPHR, as well as a whose who of the label’s stable of French producers. With a focus on sound design, spatial awareness, and, of course, melody, SND.PE VOL.04 is a compilation intended for a heightened club experience, for listeners bred on Japanese video game soundtracks, trance and devil mixes. A few weeks ago, we featured newcomer Doline‘s excellent contribution to VOL.04 and the strobe light brilliance of the Parisian’s “Karidja” set the time for an immaculate listen through and through. Get your own copy of SND.PE VOL.04 in digital form or on vinyl and stream snippets of the full tape here.


As a purveyor of fine mixtapes, it’s a pleasure to see Paris’ Sound Pellegrino team take such a liking to the format, releasing a string of drum track and collaboration-focused tapes featuring the likes of Rabit, Helix, L-Vis 1990 and Sinjin Hawke in their kaleidoscopic collections. Melodic Mechanisms is the imprint’s latest excursion into the land of compilations it might be there most inspired yet, a collection of spatially focused tracks from Moleskin, Sudanim, CYPHR and Chilly Gonzales, as well as Sound Pellegrino regulars Koyote, Mathias Zimmerman and Orgasmic. Doline, a fairly unknown name until now, leads off the comp and features as the first single. Inspired by label head Teki Latex’s excellently constructed recent “Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed” mix, Doline sent over some similarly minded tracks (see also: Lorenzo Senni) and immediately got signed. “Karidja” is the public’s first taste of what’s to come, a fluttering composition that would not feel out of place in either Teki or Senni’s respective discography. Melodic Mechanisms is out in all forms on January 19.