New Doline – “Karidja”


As a purveyor of fine mixtapes, it’s a pleasure to see Paris’ Sound Pellegrino team take such a liking to the format, releasing a string of drum track and collaboration-focused tapes featuring the likes of Rabit, Helix, L-Vis 1990 and Sinjin Hawke in their kaleidoscopic collections. Melodic Mechanisms is the imprint’s latest excursion into the land of compilations it might be there most inspired yet, a collection of spatially focused tracks from Moleskin, Sudanim, CYPHR and Chilly Gonzales, as well as Sound Pellegrino regulars Koyote, Mathias Zimmerman and Orgasmic. Doline, a fairly unknown name until now, leads off the comp and features as the first single. Inspired by label head Teki Latex’s excellently constructed recent “Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed” mix, Doline sent over some similarly minded tracks (see also: Lorenzo Senni) and immediately got signed. “Karidja” is the public’s first taste of what’s to come, a fluttering composition that would not feel out of place in either Teki or Senni’s respective discography. Melodic Mechanisms is out in all forms on January 19.

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