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In today’s news, another project that makes too much sense to be real. One March 18, Caribou’s (aka Dan Snaith) Jiaolong imprint will release a split single from Toro Y Moi (aka Chaz Bundick) side project Les Sins that is more directly dancefloor oriented than anything the South Carolina-native has released to date. Last year, Caribou donned his Daphni hat to release Jiaolong, an album that ended up on more than a few year end lists. The project saw Snaith take on analogue house and techno with a vengeance, infusing strong traditional musicality and funk samples into an oftentimes rigid, dissociative sound. Bundick’s Les Sins project isn’t as clearly formulated or direct as Snaith’s Daphni, but what it does do is highlight his affinity for immensely danceable basslines. Instead of analogue house though, Bundick channels 80’s synth pop and early 90’s g-funk sounds and is akin to Dam-Funk than anything else. So yeah, stream “Grind” and “Prelims” below and look out for the single on the 18th.

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It’s always fun to see where artists gather influence from and there isn’t a better way to go about this than listening to what they listen to. A fan can go about this in several ways: reading interviews and listening to the influencers they inevitably mention, digging into the history of the sound and/or genre they are working within, or listening to mixes (if available) that artist has mixed or curated. Combining all three is probably your best bet to get into the head of ______, but going the mix route is probably the most efficient. Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi obviously gathers influence from a ton of disparate sources, belying the “chillwave” denotation often attributed to the South Carolina-native. Recently, Bundick laid down an hour long set at Boiler Room Los Angeles, laying into some classic house and more contemporary garage, all with the immensely soulful spirit he attacks his recorded music with. As always, the LA crowd is underwhelming so I recommend you download the mix below and take it with you on an excursion through the forest or something.

Whether he’s ascending above his brethren in the much maligned chillwave category or remixing Tyler, The Creator, Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi has stood alone sonically. With a sound indebted in 80’s pop that sounds nothing like 80’s pop, Bundick has never been one to pigeonhole himself, bouncing from sound to sound. It’s all funky as hell though and his new single “So Many Details” might just be his most polished attempt yet. Off of the upcoming Anything In Return EP (January 22) and a 7″ single due on November 23, “So Many Details” abandons much of the fuzz/washed out vibe that sometimes dominated Bundick’s earlier releases. Oh and I really fuck with the cover art. Love that Keith Haring-esque frame. Stream below.