New Toro Y Moi – “So Many Details”

Whether he’s ascending above his brethren in the much maligned chillwave category or remixing Tyler, The Creator, Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi has stood alone sonically. With a sound indebted in 80’s pop that sounds nothing like 80’s pop, Bundick has never been one to pigeonhole himself, bouncing from sound to sound. It’s all funky as hell though and his new single “So Many Details” might just be his most polished attempt yet. Off of the upcoming Anything In Return EP (January 22) and a 7″ single due on November 23, “So Many Details” abandons much of the fuzz/washed out vibe that sometimes dominated Bundick’s earlier releases. Oh and I really fuck with the cover art. Love that Keith Haring-esque frame. Stream below.

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