Visuals For Jarv Dee’s “I Just Wanna” Released

I’m in love with mary jane, call me peter parker

Higher than a damn plane, don’t let me travis barker

Jarv Dee is a Seattle native, Cloud Nice representative, and Nacho Picasso affiliate. He’s not the most talented rapper in the world. In some cases though, outright lyricism doesn’t matter. I’m not saying Jarv is in the Lil B categorie of artists that make a name off of their exquisite weirdness though. Instead, Jarv just makes fun songs. He has a great ear for beats, fits the everyman persona, and more importantly, appears to have fun on the mic. It doesn’t help that he’s honest either. Not honest in a naked, brutal sense like Schoolboy Q, but honest in the sense that he raps about what he knows and he know what he raps about. Anyways, Jarv has a new video for his track “I Just Wanna” focused on everyday struggles and the vices that appease them. There’s a sense of escapism in the track, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. You can stream/download the track from Bandcamp below.

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