More Transcendent Animation From Anthony Schepperd

If you haven’t noticed yet, Machinedrum is a favorite over here at The Astral Plane. When I heard that he was remixing Bonobo’s “Eyesdown”, another Astral Plane favorite, I could barely contain my excitement. The final product though left something to be desired. Something about the breakbeat drums and scattered vocals just didn’t match up. Until the video dropped. I have a thing for animated music videos. Something about music put to well done animation just gets to me. The “Eysdown” video, animated by Anthony Schepperd (who also did Blockhead’s “The Music Scene) truly breathes air into an otherwise empty feeling song. Most videos serve as a compliment, or in some cases a detriment, to a song, but Schepperd manages to take Machinedrum’s mediocre original to another level.

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