Make The Drums Smack: M-Phazes Remixes James Blake

Photo from facebook

One might assume that because James Blake utilizes silence and empty space so well in his music, there would be a abundance of remixes, refixes, edits, etc. of his tracks. That is not the case. There are obviously a wealth of bedroom produced remixes, but most boil down to attempting to mash Blake’s vocals, rhythm’s, breaks, etc. into a separate genre in an entirely incompatible way. Just listen (or don’t) to Benny Benassi’s awful dubstep remix of “Limit To Your Love.” Pretty unbearable. Even as a huge fan of instrumental hip hop, I am extremely wary of any producer, obscure or world-famous, to take on a Blake track.

M-Phazes‘ “James Blake never learnt to make drums smack like this” has made me do a complete 180 on how I feel about Blake remixes. Those drums are just too good. The song title is just too apt. And his looping of the original drop just works too well. M-Phazes is from Australia, far from a hip hop hot spot, and has produced for the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Redman and Talib Kweli. The track is available for stream and download (!) below, and if my fantasy goes as planned, the three aforementioned MC’s will jump on the beat as soon as possible. One can dream, right?

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