BBNG release new material

BBNGLIVE 2 Cover Art

Last week I posted on BBNG’s live performances of James Blake’s CMYK and Limit To Your Love you can find that here. This video was recorded while the band was at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards on January 21st.  Now they have released the rest of the songs from that show which include; Hard In Da Paint, DMZ, Banter, CMYK/Limit To Your Love, Rotten Decay, and Bastard/Lemonade. Needless to say I am always excited to hear new live material from this group and better quality than that shaky Youtube video.  Now some of these songs have already been released, but I am excited for the James Blake covers.  The album can be streamed on their bandcamp pageThere is also a link on the page for the free download via Mediafire. I also found some better video footage of the live performance.

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