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So the legendary Wu-Tang Clan aren’t what they once were. Once you accept that, their new music will be far more palatable. Unfortunately, as Jeff Weiss eloquently lays out here, it is impossible to not compare the new with the old and to come to conclusions regarding the state of the group and its worth within your own personal life. That’s why I’m going to focus on BadBadNotGood instead. On the late side of 40, Rae, Ghost, U-God and Kool G Rap come as correct as you’d expect them to on a RZA/Quentin Tarantino project. I’ll leave it at that.

Back in April, I was lucky enough to see BadBadNotGood not once, not twice, but 6 or 7 (it’s a little murky) times at Coachella. The Toronto youngsters were the house band and performed warm up/cool down sets in the campground before and after the festival each day and to be honest with you, it was probably my favorite part of the festival. In just over a year, the trio has gone from unknown jazz/hip hop cover band to, and I might be off-base here, but the best/go-to live band in hip hop that is not named The Roots. They’ve covered everyone from James Blake to Waka Flocka and performed with Frank Ocean and Pharaoh Monch… just to name a few. Recently, BadBadNotGood have dipped their toes into the production pool… and when I say dipped their toes, I mean gone the fuck in with some of the most legendary MCs in history.

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For some ungodly reason beyond the realm of my understanding, Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag” has been repeatedly remixed by some of the most talented producers in the world, extending its shelf life far beyond its putrid expiration date. Toronto phenoms BadBadNotGood are the latest to throw their hat in the remix ring. The beat is cavernous and organ-driven, making Soulja Boy sound almost quixotic in his ignorance. Wouldn’t mind the hearing the crew getting down in the remix game more often. Stream below and download here.

As you should know by now, we raved quite a lot about the new Hudson Mohawke and Lunice collaboration TNGHT. Their EP is absolutely massive and we couldn’t be more excited to see that BadBadNotGood covered the duos breakneck banger, ‘BuggN’. BBNG performed this cover live at the Mad Decent Block Party. It’s the perfect track for the group to perform and the track is huge.

Got out of the woods for my summer job and came back to a multitude of exciting releases including new Oddisee, Evil Needle, some posthumous Dilla, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Blockhead, Sonnymoon, and this fresh new BadBadNotGood cover of Yeezy‘s “Mercy”. Like always, BBNG provide a fresh new interpretation of the track with knocking drums and transformational solos to boot. BBNG took a new approach for this performance and have many of the verses laid over their instrumentation. Watch the video below and let it tide you over until we the next release from the Toronto threesome.

Wish you were at Coachella? While this won’t remedy the fact that I’m not able to see Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog, M83 and many more. It’s still pretty cool that someone finally decided to do live streams from the festival.This year there are live streams from some of the shows at Coachella including this awesome set by Frank Ocean who is backed by one of our favorites, BadBadNotGood. You can watch around 40 minutes of the set below and be sure to check out the live stream page here.

Happy Tuesday! BadBadNotGood dropped their second LP, BBNG2, today at 9am. If BadBadNotGood is an unfamiliar name check out our previous posts on this jazz trio herePer usual, these guys go nuts on these tracks. Take a listen to “CHSTR” below to get a feel for the chaotic solos that are integral to BBNG’s music. What I am really excited for in this release is the addition of two feature artists, Leland Whitty (Saxophone) and Luan Phung (electric guitar).

When I first gave the album a spin, the two tracks I replayed immediately were “Earl” and “UWM” both featuring Leland Whitty on the sax. Maybe I am just a sucker for brass, but these tracks show exactly why I love BBNG. Check out the wacky music video for “UWM” (what up chocolate cheerios) below. Luan Phungs’ electric guitar on “You Made Me Realise” is stellar and I hope that BBNG continues to invole these artists in future releases, or even better, at live shows! I can’t wait to see the live renditions of these two tracks as well as the remainder of the album. Typical to BBNG’s style, the album is made of a majority of covers, but we also get to hear five original tracks that the group crafted organically. Covers are what got me so excited about BBNG in the first place, but it’s nice to see what they do to create an original. Another wild track is “DMZ” which showcases Matt’s ability behind the keys.

The entire album is amazing, and of course, it’s free! Which is mind boggling for the quality of the release. I can’t thank BBNG enough for releasing such amazing music and for putting new spins on some classic cuts (be sure to check out CMYK, Limit To Your Love, and Flashing Lights). The album can be streamed in its entirety below but you may as well download it for free here.

Now this is what I’m talmbout. We posted the preview video for BadBadNotGood’s BBNG2 (tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow!) last week, but today we got a new track for you. That’s right. New BBNG. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. The live hip hop/jazz trio out of Toronto has taken the music world by storm through their covers James Blake, Tyler, The Creator and more, but their original workings aren’t too shabby either. Check out “Vices” below and hold your breath until BBNG2 drops tomorrow.

BBNGLIVE 2 Cover Art

Last week I posted on BBNG’s live performances of James Blake’s CMYK and Limit To Your Love you can find that here. This video was recorded while the band was at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards on January 21st.  Now they have released the rest of the songs from that show which include; Hard In Da Paint, DMZ, Banter, CMYK/Limit To Your Love, Rotten Decay, and Bastard/Lemonade. Needless to say I am always excited to hear new live material from this group and better quality than that shaky Youtube video.  Now some of these songs have already been released, but I am excited for the James Blake covers.  The album can be streamed on their bandcamp pageThere is also a link on the page for the free download via Mediafire. I also found some better video footage of the live performance.

We have been on a Bonobo kick lately here at the Astral Plane with the new Remix album set to come out on the 13th. I thought it would be good to show off the bands pure musical talent in this live video. If you haven’t noticed I am a big fan of bands that can perform equally as well or better out of the studio. IE BadBadNotGood, Robert Glasper, Bonobo, and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are all bands I have posted on who, I believe, can perform even better in a live setting. With the help of a live band, Bonobo (Simon Green) plays live versions of his studio tracks with the help of a keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, a singer, and a drummer. To start us off, I thought it would be cool to show you guys the live version of the remix that we posted on yesterday. Here is a live version of their song Eyesdown Feat. Andreya Triana in Bracknell 2010.

Next up is one of my favorites, this is their song called Nothing Owed off of their Dial M for Monkey album released in 2003. The live version is on their Live Sessions EP released in 2005. I highly recommend getting this album as it showcases the talent of Simon Green and the band that plays with him.