BBNG2 is Here!

Happy Tuesday! BadBadNotGood dropped their second LP, BBNG2, today at 9am. If BadBadNotGood is an unfamiliar name check out our previous posts on this jazz trio herePer usual, these guys go nuts on these tracks. Take a listen to “CHSTR” below to get a feel for the chaotic solos that are integral to BBNG’s music. What I am really excited for in this release is the addition of two feature artists, Leland Whitty (Saxophone) and Luan Phung (electric guitar).

When I first gave the album a spin, the two tracks I replayed immediately were “Earl” and “UWM” both featuring Leland Whitty on the sax. Maybe I am just a sucker for brass, but these tracks show exactly why I love BBNG. Check out the wacky music video for “UWM” (what up chocolate cheerios) below. Luan Phungs’ electric guitar on “You Made Me Realise” is stellar and I hope that BBNG continues to invole these artists in future releases, or even better, at live shows! I can’t wait to see the live renditions of these two tracks as well as the remainder of the album. Typical to BBNG’s style, the album is made of a majority of covers, but we also get to hear five original tracks that the group crafted organically. Covers are what got me so excited about BBNG in the first place, but it’s nice to see what they do to create an original. Another wild track is “DMZ” which showcases Matt’s ability behind the keys.

The entire album is amazing, and of course, it’s free! Which is mind boggling for the quality of the release. I can’t thank BBNG enough for releasing such amazing music and for putting new spins on some classic cuts (be sure to check out CMYK, Limit To Your Love, and Flashing Lights). The album can be streamed in its entirety below but you may as well download it for free here.

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