Mixmag Debuts New Daedelus – “Curtains Don’t Talk”

It’s been quite a morning for new tunes and it doesn’t look like the internet is going to slow down. Mixmag just released an exclusive Daedelus and well, damn… that New Jack Swing infused footwork is just downright mouthwatering. Daedelus has never been one to stick to any one genre and that ethos is prevalent as ever on “Curtains Don’t Talk.” Just imagining Daedelus mashing this on a Monome gets me a little giddy. The track is accompanied by an interview on Mixmag’s website in which he gives insight into his recent fascination with doo wop, the worst club he’s ever been to ( “populated by douches and their bags”), and the best piece of advice he’s ever received (“never succumb to bitterness, never give in to apathy”). Mr. Daedelus is refined as always. Stream and download below.

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