Blu Drops NoYork! Remix Tape On Bandcamp

There’s really no sense in attempting to understand Blu at this point. After releasing his Madlib collaboration album, UCLA, he succinctly pulled it from his Bandcamp. Furthermore, like so many other Blu releases, the album was entirely unmastered and bordered on unlistenable at times. With all the talent in the world, one would expect Blu to invest in a little mixing here and there. Yesterday, he uploaded a new project to his Bandcamp (luckily still up there), this time a remix tape of 2010’s NoYork!. The nine-track release features Knxwledge, Hezekiah, Von Pea and more. It is, unsurprisingly, incredibly low quality, but it’s too nice to ignore. Von Pea’s remix of “My Sunshine” is outstanding. Unfortunately, Blu is asking for nine dollars for the tape, but I’m sure you can work a little bit of internet magic and unearth it.

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