Introducing Stavrogin, London’s Next Big Thing

There has never been a dearth of producers coming out of London, but picking through them isn’t always the easiest task. For every James Blake or Burial, there are dozens of have-nots. Last week, we spoke with an artist who seems destined to fall into the former category. Theo Darton-Moore aka Stavrogin is a 20 year old producer originally from a small town outside of Brighton, but now based in London.

Stream: Stavrogin – “Chicago ’46”

It would be easy to shove Stavrogin in with the masses of producers under the future garage/post-dubstep umbrella, but his music is far richer and more elaborate than most. Darton-Moore is currently attaining a degree in Music Production for Film and it shows in his music. He often uses foley sounds (use of everyday sounds) at the start of his production process.

Stream: Stavrogin – “Frqncy // With Desimal”

We spoke with Darton-Moore about his influences outside of the electronic music world, what it’s like to live in London and who he’s listening to. Check out the entire interview after the jump and be sure to be on the lookout for Stavrogin in the future. Dude is making waves. Also, be sure to check out Darton-Moore’s Tumblr (, an excellent place to learn about new artists that might otherwise not make it stateside.

Astral Plane: First off, can you introduce yourself to our readers a little bit. Who are you? Where are you from? Etc.

Stavrogin: So, I’m 20 years old, my real name’s Theo & I’ve been producing under the moniker Stavrogin for a couple of years now. I’m currently studying in London although I’m originally from a little town outside of Brighton called Lewes.

AP: Would you classify yourself in any genre? Are genre’s even really classifiable anymore?

Stavrogin: I find this a really hard one, as genre’s are a really useful tool in finding music you like. However when people ask what I make I usually call it something ridiculously vague like ‘Electronic Music’. I guess I’d be slightly worried about defining my sound any further than that, as it limits the amount of variables I can play around with. Like if I decide I’m a dubstep producer does that mean that I can never compose anything above or below 140bpm?

AP: Where do you take influence from outside of the electronic music world?

Stavrogin: My degree is in Music Production for film, and I think films influences my music quite alot. Not necessarily in very specific terms, but in trying to replicate a certain atmosphere created by a film. I really love using real world sounds in my music as well. Usually when I start a track the first thing i’ll do is throw a load of foley recordings that interest me into a project before deciding how I want to arrange them.

AP: What’s it like living/making music in London?

Stavrogin: I guess it’s quite cliche to say but London has a great community for producers, and a lot of the opportunities i’ve been lucky enough to stumble across have come out of meeting other London based producers/promoters/Dj’s etc. London’s nightlife is also very inspiring, you can go out pretty much every weekend and be sure to see someone really decent.

AP: If there’s anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself, go ahead and shoot.

Stavrogin: Not really, if you have time head over to Stray Landings is a site I run with a few mates hoping to promote new music and unsigned producers.

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