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Astral Plane guest mix alumni Stavrogin recently connected fellow Brits Desimal and Kamran Khan on “Frqncy”, a subtle, beatific number that sees the London-based producer continue to advance his already unique sound palate. Stavrogin and Desimal weave homemade-sounding percussion and droning synth work around Khan’s longing vocals, resulting in both nostalgia and dream-like realism. The song is as-of-now unsigned, but that should change soon. If y’all label people were smart you’d snatch “Frqncy” up right now!


In which Astral Plane fave Stavrogin continues to mesh abstractly abrasive sounds with understated synth work. It’s difficult to place “Idle Moments” within a specific context, but it has a way of creeping its way into your ear canal and staying there. It’s not a catchy song in the traditional melodic/harmonic sense, but its fizzling percussion and distorted organ sounding synths work in perfect tandem. As much as we like these Stavrogin one offs, something more substantial would be the perfect way to bring us out of the winter doldrums. Stream below.

Special Vinyl Edition

Since our inception back in January, London phenom Stavrogin has been making major moves within the world of UK Bass and House music. Think Disclosure. Think Addison Groove. Think Julio Bashmore. That’s high company for a young man with only a few releases under his belt, but don’t be surprised if you hear the next buzz act being compared to Stavrogin in a few months. We were lucky enough to pull the Lewes native in for an exclusive mix that has not and will not leave the rotation for a long while.

Like so many niche forums on the internet, the debate about electronic music has taken a nasty and acerbic turn as of late. I’m curious, do y’all like getting into senseless, roundabout arguments about DJ’s and buttons and whatnot? I didn’t think so. As a result, the newest contribution to our Guest Mix series transcends the debate. That’s right, vinyl. Wax. You feel that well of happiness opening up in the deepest recessions of your body? That’s nostalgia right there. No one can argue with vinyl.

If you like piano crescendos, soaring falsettos or Calvin Harris, this mix probably isn’t for you. If you tend to go for stripped down bass music from the likes of Untold, Ben Klock and Stickman, jump on the party bus. It might get a little smoky. If anything, this mix should make some Stavrogin vinyl seem like a really, really good idea. Record labels, the ball is in your court. Like always, stream and download below and don’t be afraid to gives us some feedback.


WNCL – Coming on Strong [WNCL Recordings]
Gerry Read – Legs [Fourth Wave]
Throwing Snow – Shadower [Sneaker Social Slub]
Tommy Four Seven – Ratu [CLR (2)]
Untold – Little Things Like That [Clone Basement Series]
Stickman – If You Stay [Mindset Records]
Martyn feat. Spaceape – Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Remix) [3024]
Untold – Bones (Rockwell Remix) [SSSSS]
Wax – No. 30303 (Shed ø San Remix) [Wax (4)]
The Chain – Suffer For Your Art [R&S Records]

A few weeks ago, I saw British phenoms Disclosure (or at least one half of the duo) bring down the house at a festival in Germany. Besides being delighted by the performance, I couldn’t help thinking about another up-and-coming British youngster, Stavrogin. The green tea organic percussion, slow-burning synths and effortless vocal manipulation is readily apparent in both act’s brief discographies. “i love…that you know” could easily be a Stavrogin track and vice versa, “Chicago ’46” could easily be a Disclosure creation. Granted, the Lawrence brothers have a little bit more pop accessibility in their repertoire, but the two sound eerily similar at times. Stavrogin’s newest attempt, “Expiration”, is yet another brilliant adventure in patience. The track doesn’t quite build as much as it slinks along underneath the radar in the most engrossing way possible. It’s smooth as hell, but doesn’t give an inch in the bass category. It is bass music after all. Stream “Expiration” below and look out for the exclusive Stavrogin mix in the coming weeks.

Stavrogin was one of the first artists we featured and interviewed way back in March. Since then, the Lewes, UK native has continued to progress as a producer and raise his status in the bass music community. His newest tune comes in the form of a remix London “post trip-hop trio” Charleston’s “Provocateur”. The Portishead influence is palpable in the original and Stavrogin more or less maintains the Florence-esque female vocals. With the beat simplified to a smooth rumble, the guitar takes on a hypnotic quality over the dense atmospherics developing via strong, simple percussion.

Back in June, we interviewed British up-and-comer Stavrogin aka Theo Darton-Moore. The 20 year old producer’s tunes have been on slow burn ever since. Theo and his mates are also some of the premier taste makers in blog world, selecting rare cuts on their website Stray Landings. 2011’s Halves and Reflections EP’s were some of the most successful efforts at blending the structures of Garage, Dubstep and House into a cohesive, cinematic product. “Slip Collision” is a slow burner in every sense of the word. Judiciously placed crackling snares bring the track along as echoing vocals occasionally erupt out of the depths of the percussion. Even in the crowded London scene, this guy continues to make a name for himself. Stream below.

There has never been a dearth of producers coming out of London, but picking through them isn’t always the easiest task. For every James Blake or Burial, there are dozens of have-nots. Last week, we spoke with an artist who seems destined to fall into the former category. Theo Darton-Moore aka Stavrogin is a 20 year old producer originally from a small town outside of Brighton, but now based in London.

Stream: Stavrogin – “Chicago ’46”

It would be easy to shove Stavrogin in with the masses of producers under the future garage/post-dubstep umbrella, but his music is far richer and more elaborate than most. Darton-Moore is currently attaining a degree in Music Production for Film and it shows in his music. He often uses foley sounds (use of everyday sounds) at the start of his production process.

Stream: Stavrogin – “Frqncy // With Desimal”

We spoke with Darton-Moore about his influences outside of the electronic music world, what it’s like to live in London and who he’s listening to. Check out the entire interview after the jump and be sure to be on the lookout for Stavrogin in the future. Dude is making waves. Also, be sure to check out Darton-Moore’s Tumblr (, an excellent place to learn about new artists that might otherwise not make it stateside.

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