New Stavrogin – “Expiration”

A few weeks ago, I saw British phenoms Disclosure (or at least one half of the duo) bring down the house at a festival in Germany. Besides being delighted by the performance, I couldn’t help thinking about another up-and-coming British youngster, Stavrogin. The green tea organic percussion, slow-burning synths and effortless vocal manipulation is readily apparent in both act’s brief discographies. “i love…that you know” could easily be a Stavrogin track and vice versa, “Chicago ’46” could easily be a Disclosure creation. Granted, the Lawrence brothers have a little bit more pop accessibility in their repertoire, but the two sound eerily similar at times. Stavrogin’s newest attempt, “Expiration”, is yet another brilliant adventure in patience. The track doesn’t quite build as much as it slinks along underneath the radar in the most engrossing way possible. It’s smooth as hell, but doesn’t give an inch in the bass category. It is bass music after all. Stream “Expiration” below and look out for the exclusive Stavrogin mix in the coming weeks.

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