Stavrogin Guest Mix For The Astral Plane (Special Vinyl Edition)

Special Vinyl Edition

Since our inception back in January, London phenom Stavrogin has been making major moves within the world of UK Bass and House music. Think Disclosure. Think Addison Groove. Think Julio Bashmore. That’s high company for a young man with only a few releases under his belt, but don’t be surprised if you hear the next buzz act being compared to Stavrogin in a few months. We were lucky enough to pull the Lewes native in for an exclusive mix that has not and will not leave the rotation for a long while.

Like so many niche forums on the internet, the debate about electronic music has taken a nasty and acerbic turn as of late. I’m curious, do y’all like getting into senseless, roundabout arguments about DJ’s and buttons and whatnot? I didn’t think so. As a result, the newest contribution to our Guest Mix series transcends the debate. That’s right, vinyl. Wax. You feel that well of happiness opening up in the deepest recessions of your body? That’s nostalgia right there. No one can argue with vinyl.

If you like piano crescendos, soaring falsettos or Calvin Harris, this mix probably isn’t for you. If you tend to go for stripped down bass music from the likes of Untold, Ben Klock and Stickman, jump on the party bus. It might get a little smoky. If anything, this mix should make some Stavrogin vinyl seem like a really, really good idea. Record labels, the ball is in your court. Like always, stream and download below and don’t be afraid to gives us some feedback.


WNCL – Coming on Strong [WNCL Recordings]
Gerry Read – Legs [Fourth Wave]
Throwing Snow – Shadower [Sneaker Social Slub]
Tommy Four Seven – Ratu [CLR (2)]
Untold – Little Things Like That [Clone Basement Series]
Stickman – If You Stay [Mindset Records]
Martyn feat. Spaceape – Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Remix) [3024]
Untold – Bones (Rockwell Remix) [SSSSS]
Wax – No. 30303 (Shed ø San Remix) [Wax (4)]
The Chain – Suffer For Your Art [R&S Records]

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