Get To Know: Skips

Earlier in the week, I wrote that there has never been a dearth of producers coming out of London. While this is undoubtedly true, what I should have said is that there has never been a dearth of producers coming out of the United Kingdom. Whether it’s London, Glasgow, Brighton, or Manchester, the grime, dubstep, house and bass music worlds are centered in the UK. In this case, we’re going to focus on on artist coming out of Leeds, Yorkshire. Skips aka Martyn Woolley makes a wide variety of sounds that most would classify as house music. Most of it hovers around 128 BPM’s, but Martyn refuses to confine his tunes, instead referring to Mala’s excellent take on genre limitations at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008. Skips started making music in 2006 after attaining a copy of Logic and has not looked back since. He originally began making music after encountering the Leeds dubstep scene and became enamored with DMZ records soon after.

Stream: Skips – “Curse”

While Woolley refuses to be classified, most would consider his music a form of deep or minimal house. That’s too simple though. Woolley incorporates elements of disco, funky and acid basslines into his tracks with ease. Skips’ music is airy and effortless, yet driving at the same time. Every kick, snare, or organ feels perfectly placed and meticulously arranged. While Skips isn’t associated with any label at the moment, he has been working with friend James Welsh for some time and has built a steady following. Expect to hear more from this North England producer soon. We’ve certainly got our heads cocked for the next release. Find the full Skips interview transcript after the jump and more tunes at his Soundcloud.

Astral Plane: First off, can you introduce yourself to our readers a little bit. Who are you? Where are you from? Etc.

Skips: I’m Skips I live in Leeds, Yorkshire. I like music of all kinds.

TAP: When did you start off making music under the Skips moniker?

Skips: Think it was around 2006… I got hold of a copy of logic and I’ve never really stopped using it since. I was massively influenced by the ‘dubstep’ hot bed in leeds A friend (gatto viola) made me some grime mixtapes that had some dmz and tempa tunes on, the next things I remember was being in the west indian centre chapel town listen to dmz and the rest playing tunes out of the best speakers I had ever felt and heard. That place for me was my gateway to electronic music…

TAP: Are you associated with any other artists, crews, labels, etc.?

Skips: One of my best mates is James Welsh. If you haven’t checked him out yet, do so. Another good friend is Jamie Grind I’ve spent quite a few red stripped nights with him, Jerra from leeds has always supported my stuff as well as a couple of others, Gwyn (Spooks) at and Felix Moleskin.

TAP: Would you classify yourself in any genre? Are genre’s even really classifiable anymore?

Skips: I dunno everyones answer’s seem to be the same these days, but I think Mala’s interview on red bull music academy is an answer that stuck with me… (Find that interview/lecture here)

TAP: Where do you take influence from outside of the electronic music world?

Skips: I really don’t know haha it all must be subconscious!

TAP: How do you go about creating a song? What’s your production process look like?

Skips: I dont really have a step process anymore. I used to always start with a kick then a snare etc etc.. But now its more what ever takes my mood some times its more about the synths and modulation and some times its about the samples drums. I try to never go back to a track i get bored quick and kinda like that ethic of laying it down fast and moving on. I guess I try to create raw tracks it just has more of a personality to me.

TAP: If there’s anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself, go ahead and shoot.

Skips: Nowt really 😉 shouts for the interview.

TAP: Thanks a lot and keep doing what you’re doing.

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