Senzu Collective Specializes In Experimental Hip Hop, Releases Volume Six of Compilation Series

Since we started this blog back in January, there have been several artists that have caught our eye and really stuck with us. Pennsylvania producer Lytesho is one of the brightest of those. Lytesho makes scuzzy hip hop beats that are often accompanied by the droning vocals that “witch house” artists like Salem have become known before. They are as hazy and psychedelic as they are boom bap-y. Like most talented artists, Lytesho has associated himself with other talented artists. Senzu Collective is a group of experimental hip hop producers and MC’s from across the United Sates pushing the boundaries of the genre. Like so many other crews/collectives of our time they love their symbols, ∆∆∆ in this case, and while that imagery is overwrought at this point, it is more of a sign of their internet savvy than their youthful naiveté. In October 2011, Senzu began a monthly compilation series featuring members of collective as well as artists from elsewhere. Knxwledge, Giraffage and RL Grime have all been featured in the past as have other members of wedidit, Dropping Gems, Resonate and other highly touted labels/collectives. A few days ago, the sixth edition of the compilation was released, and like usual, it includes a truly unique blend of disparate elements of hip hop. UK bass music and the LA beat scene are prevalent on numerous tracks as are the recent alternative R&B explorations of The Weeknd, Jamie Woon and Miguel. The tape is inconsistent as a cohesive product, but compilations, especially monthly ones, aren’t necessarily meant to be cohesive. Instead, it serves as an update containing what Senzu and friends are working on and the direction their sound is moving. Find past compilation tapes at the collective’s Tumblr.

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