New Vince Staples – “Matlock” (Prod. Michael Uzowuru)

Amid all the chaos provoked by the emergence of Odd Future, a number of young LA MC’s, affiliated, or at odds with the crew were brought into the spotlight, Casey Veggies being the most prominent. Vince Staples, although not affiliated with the crew, has appeared on numerous OF releases, including EARL, and despite a childish tiff with Tyler towards the end of last year, appears to be back in the graces of the collective. Staples’ Shyne Goldchain Vol. 1 was one of 2011’s best mixtapes and featured a youthful rage more focused than most OF releases. Producer Michael Uzowuru has also occasionally collaborated with OF and his beat tape Paisley Palm Trees was one of 2011’s seminal instrumental hip hop releases. Staples and Uzowuru have worked together before, but their newest track, “Matlock,” might be their best yet. The track clocks in at under two minutes, but featured Uzowuru at his stripped down best and Staples getting down and dirty with some complex wordplay. Don’t sleep on these dudes.

Stream/Download: Vince Staples – “Matlock” (Prod. Michael Uzowuru)

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