Bounce With DJ Tim Dolla

On Monday, I wrote about Jersey Club up-and-comer DJ Sliink. I’ve spent the 48 hours since exploring Club music and I think I might be a little smitten. I’m still very green when it comes to the genre, and having lived on the West Coast my whole life, really have no experiential knowledge, but I’ve quickly become a fan. One of the first places my research took me was super-collective Bring Bandits, of which Sliink is a member. The collective stretches from Jersey to Chicago to Philly and is known by many as “The Movement That Moves Everything.” The “President” of the collective, DJ Tim Dolla, is one of the most established names in Jersey Club and has been dominating the scene for years. He takes a more purist approach to Club than Sliink does, opting for full body remixes of the latest hip hop tracks. Dolla is revered in Jersey scene and has gained some national notoriety as well through releases on Mad Decent. There needs to be some sort of West Coast adaptation of this shit. Yes, that’s a callout.

Stream/Download:DJ Tim Dolla – Peso (A.S.A.P.)

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