Stream a New Track from London’s Kwes

24-year-old London-based producer/instrumentalist Kwes has been making music for many years; however, it seems only recently has he been noticed by the blogosphere. His story is intriguing. He began playing the keyboard at age five, experimenting with many instruments throughout his youth. Kwes has a fascinating condition known as color synesthesia, which means he associates different types or tones of music with particular colors. As he told The Fader back in 2010,

“…each note on the 12 tone scale equates to colour, any chord surrounded by whichever note I’m hearing will be a version of the colour. Generally it looks like this to me: G – orange. D which is always yellow/green, E which is yellow/gold, F which is violet/blue, C-Blue, A-light blue, B-yellow/gold/green. Also it’s something that is quite unobtrusive, it’s pleasantly normal. It’s what I’ve always seen so I’m not startled or surprised by it, every time I hear music it happens.” (Via.)

Kwes released an EP called No Need To Run in June of 2010 via Young Turks, and he has worked with the likes of The xx (producing an early version of “Insects”) and London experimental/grime musician Micachu. Additionally, he has a new four-track EP coming out on May 1st via Warp; this one will be called MeantimeToday, you can stream a brand new track off the upcoming EP. This 7-minute track, titled “lgoyh,” is melancholy yet hopeful, as though Kwes is singing of unrequited love. The song is quite different from bashful,” the other single off Meantime that was released back in March, proving that Kwes employs multifaceted production techniques and musical influences. Stream “Igoyh” below.

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