Bobby Tanks, Self-Described Maximalist and Unicorn Enthusiast

When Bobby Tank likened his music to “Rick James riding a flying unicorn along Orion’s belt whilst smoking a crack pipe,” I was admittedly a little turned off. I’m not a huge fan of unicorns, Rick James has never been my fancy and I’ve never really gotten into the whole crack cocaine craze.  The result was that I ignored Tank. That was a month ago. I can no longer ignore the London native though. For god sakes, he sounds like the bastard child of Com Truise and Rustie! Cheesy vintage synths, 8-bit sounds and barely decipherable R&B samples run rampant on Tank’s tracks as they bounce between dance music sub genres. Throughout it all, there is an undeniable funk. A titillating quality that I’ve only seen Dam Funk and Truise pull off in recent memory. It’s not monochromatic synth-pop like Truise makes or the futuristic funk of Dam though. That’s where the Rustie comparison comes in. Tank is a self-described maximalist and manages to fit the aforementioned qualities into a dubstep framework. He has not necessarily dug out his own sound yet, instead borrowing generously from the aforementioned artists, among others, but he’s young and obviously has the skill set to take his music to the next level. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a spot reserved for him on the LuckyMe roster for him for when he makes that leap. Tank’s next release, the Afterburner EP, is scheduled for a  May 17 release date. You can already stream and download two tracks from the EP. Find “Circles” below and catch “Wolpheus” over at XLR8R.

Get this boy on LuckyMe!

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