Clams Casino Remixes Joyce

For those of you who are missing out on Coachella this weekend, here’s a little something to brighten this rainy LA morning. The name Joyce probably doesn’t ring a bell. It’s the new moniker under which Katherine Fussey, niece of acclaimed guitarist Mick Ronson, has released a catchy, echoy-instrumental single, “Keep The Lights On.” It’s an enjoyable track in and of itself, with its head-bobbing rhythms, simple synth melodies, and bright, exclamatory vocals. But as we have seen thus far, it is very difficult to find a piece of music that cannot be improved upon through a little rework by our dear friend Clams Casino. He has preserved Joyce’s bubbly vocals, as well as the ease and abandon she displays in the original track, but at the same time he manages to throw in all of his trademark humid cloudiness, as though “Keep The Lights On” got lost in the rainforest or on a deserted island, and never had any desire to leave. It’s smooth with just enough crunch. There’s a lot going on in this remix, but it’s far from overwhelming; it’s the perfect balance of complication and repetition. Stream Clams’ remix here, and head to Joyce’s SoundCloud to hear the original track.

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