SBTRKT at Sasquatch Music Festival

We’ve been a little bit slow rolling our Sasquatch coverage out, but don’t fret, the tap is now open.

SBTRKT took the stage at 8:00 on Monday and after some disappointment over Sampha (who is as much a part of SBTRKT as Jerome is) not being at The Gorge, we settled into what would be one of the most entertaining and eclectic sets of the weekend. After witnessing the live set at Coachella, I was ready for the DJ set and Jerome took to his MPD32 with visible enthusiasm. Bestowed in his trademark mask, he proceeded to drop selections of house, garage and dubstep. Songs ranged from well known hits like Dada Life’s “Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker” to Boddika’s “Grand Prix”. On the originals front, the Drake assisted version of “Wildfire” predictably got the crowd amped, prompting the masked man to play it again towards the end of the set. “Hold On” and “Ready Set Loop” were also crowd favorites. While often light hearted (his hand seemed to get stuck on the air horn pad a few too many times), the set also functioned to introduce American fans to a number of British artists in the house and dubstep realms and was a much-needed break from the often monotonous electro and progressive house sounds that usually pervades dance tents at US festivals. The lack of Sampha took some emotion out of the set as the two usually vibe especially well in a live setting, but Jerome did more than his part as a DJ. To conclude, here is a video of Madeline and I dancing in the crowd.


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