Bow! Clams Clasino Presents Instrumental Mixtape 2

And just like that, it happened. I usually take some time to listen to a release through and through before posting it, but well, it might be worth it to get caught up in the hype machine every once in a while. The tape features instrumentals of tracks by A$AP Rocky (“Wassup”, “Bass”, “Leaf” and “Palace”), Mac Miller (“One Last Thing”, “Angels”), Lil B (“I’m God”, “Unchain Me”), as well as remixes of Lana Del Rey, Washed Out and XV. It’s extraordinary how much more palatable the Mac Miller instrumentals are  than their originally unbearable incantations. Two brand new tracks, an original mix of The Weeknd’s “The Fall” off of Echoes of Silence and an unreleased Clams joint called “Human” are also on the tape. Roll one up, grab your double cup and do what you do. Download below.

Download: Clams Casino – Instrumental Mixtape 2

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