Boeboe Releases New EP On Sabacan

Yesterday, we introduced y’all to “Dutch trap luminary” and Amsterdam resident Boeboe. What we neglected to tell you though was that Boeboe just released a new EP on Japanese label Sabacan. “Act Stupid/Drop” represents everything we love about trap. “Act Stupid” is a rollicking ride through heavy percussion and a grimy bassline. The refrain “you can act stupid if you wanna” goads the listener into discarding any pretensions, allowing full immersion into this complex, yet ignorant banger. Them EDM kids have something called complextro. We got this. “Drop” is more straightforward. Machinegun synths along the lines of Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” or Flosstradamus’s “Lana’s Theme” make this a massive tune. “Drop” is faster than the aforementioned tracks though, taking it slightly out of the trap realm and into something entirely different that I can’t quite place. I get some moombahton vibes, but that’s not really it. Anyways, pump this shit like they do in the future. “Act Stupid/Drop” is available as a free download via Boeboe’s Bandcamp. Stream and download below.

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