Clams Casino Lets Loose #BSIDES Of Instrumental 2

Last week, I was delighted to find Clams Casino’s Instrumental 2 sitting tantalizing in my inbox. While not quite as earth shattering as the original instrumentals tape, the mastered copies of “Wassup”, “Palace” and “I’m God” have not and will not leave the rotation for months. Like the gentleman that he is, Clams let loose seven “BSIDES” earlier, made up of instrumentals of Squadda B, Sha Stimuli, Lil B, Mac Miller and Havoc tracks. While not as well known as the tracks off Instrumental 2, each and every instrumental demonstrates just how dexterous the New Jersey-bred producer is behind the boards. I personally hadn’t heard the Sha Stimuli tracks so that was quite a treat. Don’t know how “Never Understand” didn’t make it onto the “A Side”. Easily one of my favorite beats of the year. You can head over to Clams’ Twitter to grab each individual track or snag the easy to consume Zip file below.

Download: Clams Casino – #BSIDES

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