The Focused Psychedelia Of Glass Animals

Glass Animals are an Oxford-based band toeing the line between obsequious psychedelia and pop mastery. Frontman, vocalist and neuroscientist David Bayley likes frolicking in the forest and pretending to hunt mythical creatures. Their debut EP, Leaflings (out now on Kaya Kaya Records) is an exhibition in R&B hook writing, wonky subject matter and focused beat work. EP opener “Golden Antlers” is a throbbing track about vampires (unless I’m missing something) with some tasteful wobble bass for good measure. Standout “Cocoa Hooves” is the most pop-oriented song on the EP and its “Spanish Sahara”-esque guitars and almost overpowering hook make it unavoidably infectious. Leaflings came out back in June, but we missed it then and vinyl pressings come out this week so why not celebrate a great release? Stream below and order yourself some vinyl here.


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