Kingdom Remixes Glass Animals’ “Gooey”


It’s still to be seen whether Glass Animals‘ signing to Paul Epworth’s Wolf Tone label will turn out, but in the meantime, it’s impossible to note the increased stature and attention the band has faced. The British act first caught my eye with the beatific “Cocoa Hooves” and have continued to hone their R&B-leaning pop compositions in the year and a half since. Most indicative of the new label is “Gooey”, a crisp, efficient arrangement that has garnered quite a bit of attention over the past few weeks. This week, the band is playing numerous dates at SXSW, including one at the vaunted Fader Fort. Despite all the hype surrounding the band and their upcoming American dates, this remix still comes as a surprise to this listener. It’s not like the song falls so far outside of Kingdom’s go-to sound palette, but culturally, it seems a far stretch from the Fade To Mind don’s regular remix subjects. Regardless, the cluttering hip hop refix adds the exact edge the original needed. The remix will appear on the Gooey EP, out April 8 on Harvest Records.

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