Colta Is On His Way To The Promised Land

It’s not easy to distinguish oneself from the crowd of beatsmiths who make up Los Angeles’ famed Beat scene. With Low End Theory as Mecca and bastions like dublab, TeamSupreme and Brainfeeder filling out the rest of the Holy Land, young producers from all over the nation (and world) flock to the City of Angels. Clearly it’s a good thing to have such a massive talent-base although wading through the unquantized fuckery can get frustrating. TeamSuprme contributor and general badman Colta is on the cusp of breaking out of the fuckery and making it to the Promised Land. All religious metaphors aside, this rising young producer is making huge strides every week in his solo work and in his contributions to the TeamSupreme tapes. His latest effort is a flip on Jeremih’s sensual “Fuck You All The Time”. Stream the remix below and download it while you still can (only 14 left).

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