All Bruiser Brigade Errthing

Everyone has a posse these days, but few are as vile as Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade. Hopefully as a precursor to a full-length, Brown, Dopehead and in-house producer SKYWLKR let loose this EP via Scion A/V. For some reason I can’t even begin to comprehend, the EP’s four tracks are all edited, with that obnoxious warped sound throughout. Fuq dat. Anyways, with Brown at his lugubrious best and Dopehead playing the littler brother role more than capably, the EP is a nice primer to the crew, although hearing from Chip$ would have been preferable. Remixes from Ryan Hemsworth and Lockah prove that one of Brown’s most overlooked assets is his esoteric beat selection and willing to experiment. Those Gucci samples on “Errthing”? Yeaaahhhh. Wouldn’t mind a full project from those two. Head over to Scion A/V to grab the full EP.

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