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Are rave bitches the new ratchets?

In which London’s The Purist and The Hybrid meld old school electro and classique Detroit techno with some of the most shots fired worthy lyrics you’ve heard in quite some time. There’s a Notorious B.I.G. sample and the first shout out to J.J. Reddick in, well, ever. The video nods to Seapunk, VHS, old school rave and karaoke chic. The track is off of The Purist’s Tr-ill EP, which can be streamed in full here. Don’t get too jealous.

danny brown

The channel formerly known as Music Television has been doing some sort of “Top MCs” list in recent weeks that has purportedly been riling up quite a few rappity rap types out there who feel that the former music video purveyors might be a little out of their element in attempting to gauge, well, musical ability. All bitching aside, the list was doomed to fail from the beginning and should be whole heartedly ignored. The one positive side-effect of all of the kvetching is that the Adderral Admiral took notice, grabbed Harry Fraud and let loose “#HottestMC”. Far from the most complex Brown attempt, the track is pure braggadocio and battle rap aggression. The production features a lethargic psych rock guitar sample and a twisting, medieval-sounding synth. “#HottestMC” will reportedly appear on Brown’s upcoming Old LP, which will also feature production from Rustie. Stream below.

In which Danny Brown hops (literally and figuratively) on the remix for A$ton Matthews’ menacing “Mini Van Dan” and, predictably, havoc ensues. Alliteration is the name of the game here and Brown weaves his absurdist anal sex and crack rock rhymes through Trade Voorhees’ gunshot and piano centered backing with ruthless efficiency. New York’s A$AP Nast and Flatbush Zombies also appear, but we all know Brown is in the center ring. Stream below.

Son Raw summed up my opinion of Purity Ring perfectly earlier, calling them a “pair of living, breathing, American Apparel manikins”, but if anyone is going to make their watered down, monolithic take on pop and hip hop palatable, it’s Bruiser Brigade don Danny Brown. Going in over a slightly altered version of one of Purity Ring’s better tracks, Brown spits one of his longer verses and then goes into some weird autotune shit towards the end. It’s unfortunate. Actually, the whole song is pretty unfortunate. Danny’s verses aren’t bad per se, but they’re also not what we’ve come to expect. Anyways, stream below, maybe you’ll like it more than I did.

So apparently that Danny Brown + Blu + Mainframe project that we introduced a few weeks ago is actually from 2010 and the album, titled It’s A Art, has been floating around the internet for a few years. Regardless, it’s new to me so I will present it as such. Blu and Mainframe take on production duties and the many faces (and flows) of Danny Brown take on MC duties. The album really shows Brown trying out a number of flows, from the highly reserved “Change” to the sing-rap of “Can’t Find My Mind”. Brown doesn’t sound nearly as fucked up on the album, which results in a less intriguing result, both in his demeanor and subject matter. His current deranged, hyperbolic state just results in better music. Just one man’s opinion. Download the album right here.

Everyone has a posse these days, but few are as vile as Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade. Hopefully as a precursor to a full-length, Brown, Dopehead and in-house producer SKYWLKR let loose this EP via Scion A/V. For some reason I can’t even begin to comprehend, the EP’s four tracks are all edited, with that obnoxious warped sound throughout. Fuq dat. Anyways, with Brown at his lugubrious best and Dopehead playing the littler brother role more than capably, the EP is a nice primer to the crew, although hearing from Chip$ would have been preferable. Remixes from Ryan Hemsworth and Lockah prove that one of Brown’s most overlooked assets is his esoteric beat selection and willing to experiment. Those Gucci samples on “Errthing”? Yeaaahhhh. Wouldn’t mind a full project from those two. Head over to Scion A/V to grab the full EP.

Blu + Mainframe = Johnson & Jonson, Johnson & Jonson + Danny Brown = Danny Johnson. Got it? Good. Blu has taken on so many side projects and dropped countless unannounced albums that there isn’t really much he can do at this point to surprise his fans. Danny Brown also has a penchant for random release dates although no one in contemporary hip hop can really match the scattershot thought process of Johnson Barnes. Danny Johnson will involve Blu and Mainframe handling production with Danny on the mic. “Change” sees Brown completely out of his element, spitting in a restrained flow over the relaxed production. Is it just me or does his voice sound a little like Young Buck’s when he’s not yelling? Probably just me. Anyways, a full Danny Johnson LP is coming soon on New World Color. Stream “Change” below.

Go To Hell!

Open Mike Eagle has been making waves in the weirdo Los Angeles hip hop community for years as a solo MC and a member of Hellfyre Club. On une 26, Mike will drop a new album, 4NML HSPTL, on Fake Four. I’ve heard Mike’s music called nerd rap, avant-garde, and a number of other silly titles. We prefer good hip hop. “Cobra Commander” is the first track off of 4NML HSPTL and features Danny Brown. It’s funny, wonky and oddly intellectual. Stream and download below.

Dear Barak, I know you’re just a puppet, but I’m giving you props. You’re lying to the public, and I just love it. I hope it don’t stop

This is lightyears late in internet time, but how could we pass it up. “Blessed” producer Dave Free (also the president/GM of TDE) on the beat. Ab-Soul and Danny Brown spitting with an intense focus that only a select few (half of whom are on this track) MC’s in hip hop can manage. Jhene Aiko interpolates “Notorious Thugs” with aplomb. Hopefully, this will show up on the next Ab-Soul project that will, in all likelihood, catapult him to level of Kendrick and Schoolboy. Now I’m off to Paid Dues to catch his set. Jealous? You should be. Stream and download below.


One of the great byproducts of SXSW every year is the post-festival output of Nardwuar interviews. Last year, we got Curren$y, Odd Future, Das Racist, Lil’ B and more. So far this year, we’ve got A$AP Mob and Action Bronson. Today, the BC native uploaded his little talkabout with Detroit madman Danny Brown. If you’ve gotten used to Brown’s voice on the mic, just wait until you listen to him talking to Nardwuar for 12 minutes. Like always, Nardwuar brings up the most unexpected topics, in this case Bay Area rap, Detroit ghetto-tech, some break dancing figurines and even Faygo (shouts out to Ezelle’s). There aren’t many artists that match the eccentricity of Nardwuar, but Brown certainly goes toe to toe with the interviewer.