New Danny Brown – “#HottestMC” (Prod. Harry Fraud)

danny brown

The channel formerly known as Music Television has been doing some sort of “Top MCs” list in recent weeks that has purportedly been riling up quite a few rappity rap types out there who feel that the former music video purveyors might be a little out of their element in attempting to gauge, well, musical ability. All bitching aside, the list was doomed to fail from the beginning and should be whole heartedly ignored. The one positive side-effect of all of the kvetching is that the Adderral Admiral took notice, grabbed Harry Fraud and let loose “#HottestMC”. Far from the most complex Brown attempt, the track is pure braggadocio and battle rap aggression. The production features a lethargic psych rock guitar sample and a twisting, medieval-sounding synth. “#HottestMC” will reportedly appear on Brown’s upcoming Old LP, which will also feature production from Rustie. Stream below.

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