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riff raff

Not one to conform to expectations, Harry Fraud’s latest Scion-endorsed heater, “Yacht Lash” is loud, rough, overtly psychedelic and as far from high fanutin’ beats he’s generally produced in the past. It features kindred spirits Earl Sweatshirt and Riff Raff and will appear on Fraud’s upcoming High Time EP (coming next week). For those that don’t understand the gawd Riff Raff, this probably isn’t for you, but it should be. Earl fans will be in for a nice surprise as “Yacht Lash” is one of the toughest tracks we’ve received from Mr. Sweatshirt in quite some time. Stream below and download here.

action bronson

Apparently Peter Rosenberg is releasing a mixtape this thursday with a cadre of his favorite MCs rapping or something. Regardless of Rosenberg’s various shortcomings as a purveyors of tact and taste, getting Bronsolino and La Music De Harry Fraud together again is something of a public service. But really, can’t we just get a joint album from these two Empire State kingpins? It would be baby lamb perfect after all and easily one of the most anticipated projects to enter our collective consciousness. Sending out serious brainwaves in anticipation. Anyways, “Compliments 2 The Chef” sees Bronson rehashing some of his favorite pastimes, turban wrapped blunts and fellatio among the sensory delicacies. Oh and Lauriana Mae lays down a prettier than thou chorus.

action bronson

While Rick Ross has long been referred as the captain of yacht rap, between you and me, Bronsolino has a stranglehold on that real beamer with the racing seats shit. Between “Morey Boogie Boards” and “Bird On A Wire”, there isn’t a rapper who evokes Versailles on the high seas better than Ill Prosciutto. Of course, Harry Fraud plays the role of cartographer, guiding Bronson’s rough vocals through Miami Vice guitars and a heart-wrenchingly honest vocal sample. Can we please get a Fraud/Bronson full length already?

danny brown

The channel formerly known as Music Television has been doing some sort of “Top MCs” list in recent weeks that has purportedly been riling up quite a few rappity rap types out there who feel that the former music video purveyors might be a little out of their element in attempting to gauge, well, musical ability. All bitching aside, the list was doomed to fail from the beginning and should be whole heartedly ignored. The one positive side-effect of all of the kvetching is that the Adderral Admiral took notice, grabbed Harry Fraud and let loose “#HottestMC”. Far from the most complex Brown attempt, the track is pure braggadocio and battle rap aggression. The production features a lethargic psych rock guitar sample and a twisting, medieval-sounding synth. “#HottestMC” will reportedly appear on Brown’s upcoming Old LP, which will also feature production from Rustie. Stream below.

action bronsonIt’s easy to criticize Action Bronson as being solely a formalist New York style MC, but is that really such a bad characterization? With nextbigthing Harry Fraud offering up a classic-sounding, speaker rattling beat, Bronson dedicates “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” to the old heads and waxes poetic about eating steak off of gold plates while being stoned and listening to Coldplay. I’m not so sure how I feel about that Coldplay bit, but I’m all about that gold plate steak life. “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” might just be a sign of an upcoming Bronson/Fraud full length, which would be extravagant to say the least. Stream below.

Adult Swim might have some competition folks. For the first time in years, another corporate dweller has managed to fanute their way into the hearts and minds of the blog masses (ourselves included) via a number of collaborative projects and exclusive releases. Nick Hook, Daedelus and Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade have released tunes through Scion A/V in the past few months and sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due. It’s not like tC’s will start popping up in Curren$y bars or Rozay videos any time soon, but it shouldn’t be a surprise when Scion is the first name that pops into your head when ruminating over tactful marketing schemes.

Which brings us to Toyota’s latest “guerilla” marketing stab, the questionable combination of French Montana and Action Bronson over Harry Fraud production. Questionable because French Montana popularity is largely due to his imprecision and slack lyrical ability while Bronsolino throws enough fine dining references into one verse to make Bobby Flay genuflect at his feet. Regardless of the protean attempt at attaining “hip”, “Mean” manages to work in a way that few (superficial) one off collaborations do. Fraud’s laid-back kicks and organ work allow Montana to essentially layer ad-lib on ad-lib, forming something that kind of resembles a verse. Bronson is more playful in his wordplay than usual, but of course Dr. Lecter was lying when he said he loved you, he’s too busy chewing beef in Greece and puffing autumnal strains. I’m sure you can find “Mean” on the Scion website, but it would be a lot easier to just download below. Namean?

Say what you will about Main Attrakionz, but they have the best taste in beats. In the last year alone, Squadda and Mondre have worked with Ryan Hemsworth, Supreme Cuts, Friendzone, Beautiful Lou, Keyboard Kid, Spaceghostpurrp, Jam City and Clams Casino. If that list doesn’t make you drool, get out. For their latest cut, the Oakland duo have enlisted New York native Harry Fraud (who helmed Curren$y’s latest project). “Do It For The Bay” is decidedly more straightforward than the stream of consciousness flow and hazy instrumentals that the duo have become synonymous, but Fraud’s triumphant horns allow Squadda, Mondre and DaVinci to wax poetic about the Yay Area. At this point is it suitable for Bay Area tributes to make a comeback? “Do It For The Bay” is off of Main Attrakionz’ next project, Bossalinis & Fooliyones, due out October 22 on Young One Records.

Cigarette Boats follows a simple script; Spitta plays Tubbs and Fraud gives best Crockett impersonation. The scene set is distinctly Miami and the duo makes no attempt at hiding it. The title and Fraud’s overtly 80’s indebted beats make that clear enough. Spitta inhabits a space he’s comfortable enough with on the EP. Personal wealth, classic cars, and rollin’ up are the  topics he’s discussed ad infinitum, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Listening to Curren$y usually gives me a sense of comfort. I know exactly what I’m getting, but still end up pleasantly engaged by a few dozen pop culture references and punchlines. Fraud must have spent hours engorging himself on those low down shots of Testarossa’s in Vice while in the studio. He might of done the 80’s Miami sound better than anyone since… well 1980’s Miami. Cigarette Boats is free. It’s also Spitta’s most engrossing release since Covert Coup. Stream and download below.