New Action Bronson – “Compliments 2 The Chef” (Prod. Harry Fraud)

action bronson

Apparently Peter Rosenberg is releasing a mixtape this thursday with a cadre of his favorite MCs rapping or something. Regardless of Rosenberg’s various shortcomings as a purveyors of tact and taste, getting Bronsolino and La Music De Harry Fraud together again is something of a public service. But really, can’t we just get a joint album from these two Empire State kingpins? It would be baby lamb perfect after all and easily one of the most anticipated projects to enter our collective consciousness. Sending out serious brainwaves in anticipation. Anyways, “Compliments 2 The Chef” sees Bronson rehashing some of his favorite pastimes, turban wrapped blunts and fellatio among the sensory delicacies. Oh and Lauriana Mae lays down a prettier than thou chorus.

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