New Azizi Gibson – “Emperors New Groove” (Prod. Flying Lotus)

Flying Lotus has spoken recently about receiving inspiration from the hip hop sphere and an appetite to work with MC’s. It’s probably not a coincidence that FlyLo’s Brainfeeder label has bulked up on MCs over the past year, signing Jeremiah Jae, Azizi Gibson and The Underachievers. Over the past few years FlyLo has produced for Blu, Killer Mike, Hodgy Beats and most recently the enigmatic Captain Murphy character. You might remember that an incantation of the “Emperors New Groove” beat actually appeared on Hodgy’s latest EP under the title “Lately”. For some, his production work is difficult to ingest, which was most apparent on Blu’s NoYork!. Over the past few months though, FlyLo has cut away much of the excess, allowing the MC to shine over his production like never before. Think about how Earl and Murphy flow seamlessly in the veins of “Between Friends”. “Emperors New Groove” sees Gibson taking on Dom Kennedy-esque flow, waxing poetic about fame and the simple things in life, namely weed and women. Stream the track below and grab a download here.

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