New Nadus – “Higher”

Most of  you are probably familiar with DJ Sliink at this point as we post about our favorite Jersey Club maven on a weekly basis. It’s time for you to get to know his fellow Brick Bandits. The loose clique is made up of New Jersey/New York producers that engage in various forms of high speed club music. The crew is pretty hit or miss, but the Newark-bred Nadus certainly falls into the hit category. Without really deciding on one style yet, Nadus has jumped around East Coast club sounds, juke, house and everything in between. “Higher” sees Nadus getting into the Windy City sound, infusing some much needed soul into the often cold drum programming. “Higher” is similar to Evian Christ’s “Thrown Like Jacks” in the sense that he manages to give a warm feeling to an often silly and/or overly rigid sub-genre. Stream and download below.

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