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Thanks to the fine people at IHC Presents, we have TWO very, very solid ticket giveaways for all of you lovely folks this week. On Thursday, Jersey club baron Nadus is headlining a busy bill at Los Globos that also features bombastic New York MC Leikeli47, whose LK-47 Pt. II is a shoo in as one of the best mixtapes of the year, MOD’s own Arnold and several other selectors. With May’s Broke City EP, released through Belgian imprint Pelican Fly, still percolating through the club world and reaching audiences large and small, Nadus is one of the premiere advocates (and vocal he is) of Newark’s siganture sound, bringing club music’s ever popular hit cut ups and rhythmic syncopation to dancefloors across the globe. And while Broke City invokes several other genres beyond the stoic, monumental sounds of Jersey club, it’s undeniable that the Thread representative is a true figurehead in the local Newark scene.

With that in mind, we have a pair of tickets for Thursday’s event, tickets that you could win with the simple action of selecting your favorite Jersey club classic in the form below. Ever since DJ Tameil, DJ TIm Dolla and their cohort brought the breakbeat-laden sounds of Bmore up to Jersey and transformed it into something more palatable for Newark’s dancefloors, Jersey club has racked up innumerable hits and while some have faded into the depths of the web, the large majority exist on Youtube, Soundcloud and other accessible platforms. Not to call out any names, but you will be eliminated from contention if you select a song by any of the unfortunate many zoologically self-identifying producers. On Saturday (12/13/14), Jacques Greene, Groundislava, Low Limit and Patrick Brian will also take the stage at Los Globos and we will also be giving out a pair of tickets. Submission form to come later this week!


There are a lot of producers (from the Northeast and elsewhere) that are making incredible Jersey club right now, but few manage to transcend the sub-genre, twist it around their finger and subject it to their will quite like Newark’s own Nadus. Whether’s he’s trending more towards the aggressive, breakbeat-led end of the club spectrum or whipping out a more subdued, feels imbuing sound, Nadus is straight quality, turning out a steady stream of new music and rarely faltering. His remix of Drake’s “Furthest Thing” certainly falls into the latter camp with a dream-like atmosphere, subdued kicks and drug-haze inducing synth-work. With all these varied remixes, we just have one question: where’s that Pelican Fly EP yung Nadus? We’re all waiting.


After giving Yeezus’ “Send It Up” the club treatment last month, the Brick Bandits reppin’ and Philadelphia-based Nadus has contributed his impressive abilities to Travi$ Scott’s WondaGurl produced, and A$AP Ferg featuring “Uptown”. The original has been lighting up traps and trunks for for a minute now after it was originally released as part of Scott’s Owl Pharaohs tape, but it seems like Scott is on the verge of a major leap that will likely see his back catalogue exposed to far more attention. The track’s menacing, chord progression and creative use of a number of flows (from both Scott and Ferg) make it a perfect subject for Nadus’ rhythmic use of vocals as the synth work is virtually kept intact and used as a hypnotic base for a menagerie of vocal stabs. Word on the street is that Nadus will be releasing an EP through Belgian label Pelican Fly in the near future so if you’re not familiar with his expansive remix catalogue then get clickin’.

We only jumpstarted our Sounds From The Astral Plane series a few weeks ago, but this edition will (unfortunately) most likely be the last of 2012. We do have a few nice features coming your way in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled. This week, we have two (!) Missy Elliot reworks, a quartet of amorphous mixes and more on-point Kid Smpl night bus vibes. Much love as always.

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Put this one under strip club music along with most of Pluto3D and Blue Dream And Lean. For the uninitiated, Nadus is a key member of the notorious Brick Bandits crew, which is a loose collective of club-oriented producers stretching from Jersey to Chicago. DJ Sliink and DJ Kiff are also members and the crew is pretty much the go-to place to find up-to-date Jersey/Philly club shit. Taking a step back from his usual 130 BPM exhibitions of twerk-inducing madness, Nadus speeds up Star Slinger’s sexy-as-fuq Teki Latex assisted “Ladies In The Back” only slightly, sprucing up the percussion with some lighthearted snares. The calls to “shake that” are the real highlight here as Nadus makes sure you know exactly what his goal is. Why beat around the bush when serious business is involved? The remix is part of the “Ladies In The Back” single, out now on Slinger’s Jet Jam imprint.

Most of  you are probably familiar with DJ Sliink at this point as we post about our favorite Jersey Club maven on a weekly basis. It’s time for you to get to know his fellow Brick Bandits. The loose clique is made up of New Jersey/New York producers that engage in various forms of high speed club music. The crew is pretty hit or miss, but the Newark-bred Nadus certainly falls into the hit category. Without really deciding on one style yet, Nadus has jumped around East Coast club sounds, juke, house and everything in between. “Higher” sees Nadus getting into the Windy City sound, infusing some much needed soul into the often cold drum programming. “Higher” is similar to Evian Christ’s “Thrown Like Jacks” in the sense that he manages to give a warm feeling to an often silly and/or overly rigid sub-genre. Stream and download below.