Nadus Remixes Star Slinger’s “Ladies In The Back”

Put this one under strip club music along with most of Pluto3D and Blue Dream And Lean. For the uninitiated, Nadus is a key member of the notorious Brick Bandits crew, which is a loose collective of club-oriented producers stretching from Jersey to Chicago. DJ Sliink and DJ Kiff are also members and the crew is pretty much the go-to place to find up-to-date Jersey/Philly club shit. Taking a step back from his usual 130 BPM exhibitions of twerk-inducing madness, Nadus speeds up Star Slinger’s sexy-as-fuq Teki Latex assisted “Ladies In The Back” only slightly, sprucing up the percussion with some lighthearted snares. The calls to “shake that” are the real highlight here as Nadus makes sure you know exactly what his goal is. Why beat around the bush when serious business is involved? The remix is part of the “Ladies In The Back” single, out now on Slinger’s Jet Jam imprint.

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