Bitch, Don’t Kill Star Slinger’s Vibe

Of the many faces Star Slinger puts on in his various productions, the hip hop remix face might just be my favorite. Despite having a bevy of low-key hip hop originals to his name, the Mancunian usually takes a more amped up approach when remixing the likes of Danny Brown, ASAP Rocky or Drake, adding a tinge of funk here, or maybe some Jersey club there. His latest bootleg target just happens to be a song that will be associated with 2012 hip hop years down the road, Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”. You’ve all heard it (I hope), and honestly, there really aren’t many improvements to be made in this case. Slinger does his thing though, transforming it into a smooth bit of piano-driven club music that retains the original’s structural integrity. Stream and download below.

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