Druid Cloak Remixes Cashmere Cat’s “Paws”

Cashmere Cat’s Mirror Maru is just about impossible to pin down, running the gamut of in the moment sounds. Druid Cloak’s sound isn’t all that much more grounded, although it is reminiscent of something we’ve heard before, perhaps it’s the druid in all of us. Anyways, the Symbols rep took on Cashmere Cat’s “Paws” (which is currently running rampant in the soundcloudiverse) and flipped it into something that would not be out of place in a movie commercial. Actually, my first thought was that WWII movie that used a Skrillex song in the trailer. That was godawful of course, but this Druid Cat combination has a similar cinematic, larger than life quality about it that would fit perfectly in the fantasy and sci fi films he’s inspired by. As he’s known to do, Mr. Cloak is giving away his remix of “Paws” in exchange for a facebook like.

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