Slugabed Remixes Deech’s “Urnite”

2012 has been something of a coming out year for Slugabed, releasing the critically acclaimed Time Team on Ninja Tune and starting up his own label, Activia Benz. Slugabed’s first signee, Belarus-native Deech‘s Urnite EP will drop on December 10 and feature a remix from the boss man himself, which you can stream and download below. The retwerk actually leans towards a lot of the electro fare these days, but with that special Slugabed flare. There are epic chords similar to the ones found on “Mountains Come out Of the Sky” (which is still in rotation) and a twangy guitar. There are pitch shifted vocals. Honestly, this borrows a lot from a lot of places, but the fact that I can’t stop nodding my head is probably a good sign. Look out for the full EP on December 10th and stream snippets here.

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