Hype Williams En Galicia

On Thursday, Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt (sometimes known as Hype Williams) performed at Berlin’s legendary Berghain. A friend who attended the show reported that Copeland and Blunt’s set was short, but almost entirely made up of unheard material, the most awe inspiring (in his opinion) is what we now know as “Galice”. The song is something of an anomaly in the Hype Williams canon in that it is more club oriented than most of their output, but also features clairvoyant vocals that are somewhat reminiscent of Air’s early output. “Galice” drags you along behind it as much as it playfully tugs at your shirt. Gunshots and sirens give it a reticent air, but Copeland’s vocals are strikingly heartfelt. Apparently, “Galice” is off of a tour album called London 2012, which will surely be making the internet rounds soon. Stream below and grab the track for free here (warning: it’s a big file).

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