New Julio Bashmore – “Pelican”

julio bashmore

Over the past several years, Julio Bashmore has risen from underground hero to the figurehead of a new brand of crossover UK house built on infectious hooks and radio ready vocals. Beyond Bashmore, the style has been championed by his PMR Records compatriots Disclosure and Jessie Ware, as well as 90’s leaning acts like Bicep and Ejeca. As Bashmore’s profile has risen, a familiar divide has opened up between “old” Bashmore fans and “new” Bashmore fans. It’s a familiar debate, largely staged on Youtube videos and message boards, revolving around integrity and selling out. The truth is that Bashmore’s music has become more linear, more monochromatic and more pop-friendly. “Au Seve” is also one of 2012’s unforgettable tracks and one that brings the house down every time it is played, regardless of setting. I can personally attest to witnessing drastically different crowds in Germany and Morocco wyle out to the anthemic number, exhibiting a genuine enthusiasm that transcends silly internet debates. On Friday, Bashmore uploaded “Pelican”, out today as the third release on his own Broadwalk label. “Pelican” isn’t as boastful as Julio’s past few tunes, offering a deeper, swerve-y bassline and understated synth stabs.  The track is the B-Side to “Husk” and is available now via Broadwalk.

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