New xxyyxx – “Never Again”


Orlando-based producer Marcel Everett aka xxyyxx has repeatedly stated in interviews that he doesn’t make music for anyone but himself, a somewhat unrealistic artistic endeavor in today’s music landscape, but an admirable outlook nonetheless. “Never Again” is our first taste of Everett’s upcoming album on Relief In Abstract and, while only 1:25 long, represents a new, heavily side-chained sound. Somewhat reminiscent of the lucid, crashing percussion in Amon Tobin’s ISAM production, “Never Again” abandons the pop-sensibility found throughout Everett’s self-titled debut LP, opting for a more abrasive sound. Like xxyyxx, “Never Again” is centered around a meticulously twisted R&B vocal, a viscerally human light shining through the cavalcade of percussive noises. Stream below and look out for more details on the album in the coming weeks.

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