New Nosaj Thing – “Snap”


Nosaj Thing is arguably the second most well-known producer (Flying Lotus first of course) to work within the general confines of Los Angeles’ “beat scene”. As a result, the man born Jason Chung has spent the past few years touring the world and selling out large-scale shows across Americaland. It also means that his music is covered by large magazines and other media outlets, a largely positive trend that will hopefully lead to the wide-spread proliferation of his complex, moody sound. “Snap” is our second taste of Chung’s sophomore album Home, due on January 22 via Innovative Leisure (!). Unlike “Eclipse/Blue”, which is driven by dreamy vocals from Kazu Makino, a quick tempo and a blunt kickdrum, “Snap” is more akin to Chung’s past work in hip hop production. The percussion is sharp and understated, providing a rubric for ghostly synths to weave their exploratory magic. After witnessing the incandescent visuals that accompanied “Eclipse/Blue”, one can only imagine the optical magnificence in store for “Snap”. Stream and download below.

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